Watering Your New Plants

Proper watering is the key to success

with your new plants! 

Here are a few helpful tips to ensure your plants are getting what they need:

1.Water when the soil begins to dry out.  Plants like even moisture but if the soil stays too wet you can deplete oxygen and the roots will begin to rot.  Most plants will prefer to dry slightly and then receive a thorough soaking.  A common mistake is to not give your plant enough water when the soil is dry.

2.Water in the early morning or in the early evening.  Watering when the day is cooler will be more effective and less water will be lost due to evaporation.  Wet foliage can lead to disease, watering overhead in the early morning will allow time for the foliage to dry before the sun gets too hot.  Avoid watering mid day when the sun is hot as the wet leaves may burn due to the water magnifying the sunshine on the leaves.  If you water in the evening avoid getting the foliage wet.

3.Get to know your plant.  If you are not familiar with your plant do your research and figure out what the plant needs, for example succulents and cacti  like to dry completely and some ferns like to stay slightly moist and never dry out.

When caring for indoor plants the advice is very similar.  Know your plants needs and check the soil often.  With your observations you will notices the moisture changes and be able to gauge when the plant needs a drink.  Many factors are involved and your environment is unique.  If you are having trouble try to feel the soil or lift up the pot to see how heavy it is after you water and then compare again in a couple days.  More often then not it’s best to let the soil dry a bit more than to keep the soil too wet.  With time you will become comfortable and have lots of happy plants!

If you purchased a new tree or shrub please read this helpful guide for planting and watering:


Happy Gardening!