Environmentally Friendly Products

We encourage the use of environmentally friendly garden products and limited use of pesticides and herbicides.

Too much fertilizer is never a good thing. It is always best to get your lawn and garden soil tested before any application of fertilizer. Always follow the instructions of any amendment that you add and use precaution if your site is close to any bodies of water. For detailed info on how to have a lake-friendly garden please click here!

Soil testing will also determine soil pH. NH soil is naturally acid and many plants will not thrive in an acidic soil. A proper pH is key to a successful lawn and garden.

To give your garden or lawn a healthy boost we recommend top dressing with a thin layer of compost. Coast of Maine offers locally produced organic compost that we use in our gardens at Wentworth Greenhouses.

http://www.neptunesharvest.com/ another great product for fertilizing container plants and houseplants.

Practicing good cultural techniques often prevents the need for pesticides and herbicides. Overuse of pesticides can harm beneficial insects such as bees, ladybugs, and butterflies. Ask any of the knowledgeable staff at Wentworth’s for tips and guidelines to follow for success.

The Wentworth Greenhouses branded pot used to grow thousands of annuals is made from recycled plastic.  It is a closed system recycling program that allows return of used pots to be recyled and made into new pots again!  A program is being organized to include customers in this recycling program.  Please stary tuned!