Planting Services


Planting Services

Tree/Shrub Planting

Need your new trees or shrubs delivered and installed? We work with a local landscape company, who has been providing excellent service in the industry for many years. You can expect professional service in a timely manner.

Seacoast Plant Specialists will be providing your installation.  The owner, Rob Essex, will contact you within 2 weeks of purchase to schedule your installation. 

*Soil conditioner (Coast of Maine Penobscot Blend) and starter fertilizer (Pro-Gro 5-3-4) are included with the cost of installation. Please see our GUIDE TO SUCCESSFUL PLANTING for watering and after care instructions.

The cost of the planting service is determined by the container size PLUS a zone appropriate delivery fee. Even if you bring your plants and soils home today, the delivery fee is also the travel fee for the installation crew.

The minimum planting fee is $200. (Multiple smaller plants can add up to the $200 min.) Please ask for details.

  • Less than 5gal: $40ea
  • 5gal to 8gal: $50ea
  • 10-15gal: $200 for first tree and $150 for each additional tree with one delivery fee
  • Over 20gal: as quoted by installer
  •  The standard fees allow for up to ½ hour of planting time per plant.

Additional Fees may apply as follows:

*If planting site has obstructions below ground level, such as ledge, boulders, tree roots etc. further charges will apply at; $50/ ½ hour, or another planting location on the property can be chosen.

**If the selected plant material is not suitable for the planting location i.e. Light requirements, soil moisture, distance from  structure, then a different onsite location recommendation will be made.  If plant material must be exchanged for a more suitable variety or installation must be postponed for specialized equipment a $75.00 minimum charge will apply for the initial site visit.

Available free service additions, material must be purchased and available onsite by homeowner:

  • Staking of newly installed plants
  • Mulching of individual installed plants
  • Water bag installation – new plants only

Houseplant Repotting

We offer free standard houseplant repotting with purchase of new plant and pot.

Repotting is done with professional container potting mix.   Additional fees for specialty plantings that require a different soil or additional materials:

ORCHIDS, BONSAI,  – Small 4-6” – $5 / Medium 8-10” -$8 / Large 10-12” -$12


TERRARIUMS – $10 small 4″-6″ , $15 medium  – plants are additional


Basic repotting fees:

Containers up to 14″ inside diameter or length $1 per inch.  Ex. 12” (12 x $1.00) = $12.00.

Containers larger than a 14″ inside diameter or length $2.00 per inch.  Ex. 18” pot (18 x $2.00) = $36.00. 

Additional services will incur a minimum charge of $12 per half hour labor fee.

Custom Annual Containers

Have a professional design and plant your annual mixed container.  Service includes professional container mix, slow release fertilizer, professional planting. 

Planting Fees:

Containers up to 14″ inside diameter or length: $2.00 per inch.  Ex. 14” (14 x $2.00) = $28.00.

Containers larger than a 14″ inside diameter or length: $3.00 per inch. Ex. 18” pot = (18x $3.00) = $54.00.

Standard window boxes are charged $1.00 per inch of top length. Ex. 24” = (24 x $1.00) = $24.00.

Plants and container are not included in fee.

Customers may bring in containers from home to be planted.  Containers must be clean and free of debris.  If we have to clean or dispose of old material an additional fee will be charged.  An additional $0.50 per inch will be charged on containers under 16” and an additional $1.00 fee will be charged for containers 16” and larger.