Our Plants

Annuals –

With over 6 acres of covered greenhouses we are able to grow an amazing selection of annuals year round. 

Pansies and violas are the first crop of the year, they are ready for sale in late March.  Once you have  acclimated your pansies and violas to the outdoor environment they can withstand a light frost.  These are one of the earliest annuals that can be safely planted outside.

The summer annuals begin to become available in late April.  The majority of these varieties are not frost tolerant and should be protected if the temperature falls below 40.  We recommend waiting until the end of May to safely plant tender annuals.  We grow a wide assortment of annuals, among them are the proven winners brand, visit their website here for detailed growing information.

In fall, hardy chrysanthemums are a favorite.  We grow a variety of colors and sizes, the mums love the cool weather of fall.  Chrysanthemums are typically available end of August.

For winter we grow poinsettias.  These colorful plants are native to Mexico and should be kept indoors during the cold months.  We grow the traditional red and large variety of fun and interesting cultivars as well.  For more information about growing poinsettias click HERE.


Vegetables and Herbs-

We grow all our seasonal vegetable plants from NON-GMO seed.  Some of the cool weather crops will be ready for sale mid-late April.  All of our seedlings are started inside the warmth and protection of our greenhouse.  It is recommend to harden off your plants for about a week.  Warm weather crops should not be planted outside until the weather will stay consistently above 40. 

Availability changes weekly and we can not guarantee availability.  Below we have attached our current grow list:



A variety of herbs are grown year round.  Please call (603) 743-4919 or email info@wentworthgreenhouses.com to check current availability.


Perennials &Trees/Shrubs & Fruit – 

We offer a wonderful selection of winter hardy plants for your landscape.  Our outdoor plants are hardy to at least zone 5.  The season begins in late March with limited early season perennials, fruit trees and select shrubs.  Variety will increase as the days get warmer and availability will change weekly through the Spring season.  Below are a few helpful handouts for you:

Clematis Care

Deer Resistant

Fruit 2023

Hydrangea Variety List

Plant list for native pollinators

Rose 2023

Planting Guide




We offer a vast assortment of houseplants all year long.  From bonsai, orchids, cactus and succulents, large floor plants to miniature terrarium plants to unique collector plants we can be your indoor plant destination.  We offer free repotting with the purchase of a houseplant and pot.  If you need help with a plant from home we can do that too!  Visit our Services page for more info.

Some helpful handouts for you:

BONSAI Juniper

BONSAI Tropical


Pet Friendly



If you are interested in placing an order or searching for a particular plant please call (603) 743-4919 or email info@wentworthgreenhouses.com and we will be happy to help!