Water Gardening

Visit our water feature and bring the kids to see our goldfish pond!
Visit our water feature and bring the kids to see our goldfish pond!

The sound, ambiance, plant variety and excitement that a water garden or pond has to offer will transform any landscape. From a small pond-less waterfall to a larger fish pond or swim pond, the sound of moving water adds depth to any garden and attracts many beneficial birds and other wildlife.  Once you have added a water garden to your landscape you will wonder how you ever lived without one!

Water Gardening Made Simple

At Wentworth Greenhouses we offer a full line of water gardening supplies from pumps and filters to fish health and water treatments.  Our water garden department staff have the knowledge and experience to help you be successful in creating your ideal water garden.  Let us help you design your new water feature or keep your existing one looking good and functioning properly.


Some of the most beautiful and iconic plants in the world grow in the water, the most recognizable of which are water lilies and lotus.

We grow a wide selection of hardy and tropical aquatic plants here at the greenhouses.  Hardy plants are perennial and will come back year after year.  These plants provide the basic structure of your water garden.  Tropical plants are treated as annual plants that will not survive the winter outdoors, they are planted early June and removed mid October.  Tropical plants tend to be more showy and colorful.  We suggest a mix of both for your water garden!  Some of the plants we offer include:

  • water hyacinth and water lettuce
  • hardy and tropical water lilies
  • grasses and rushes
  • lotus
  • star grass
  • rain lily
  • water wisteria and small leaf bacopa
  • taro mixed pots
  • canna mixed pots
  • blue bells and pink bells
  • papyrus
  • lizard’s tail
  • water iris
  • variegated acorus