Butterfly Garden

PERENNIALS & SHRUBS THAT ATTRACT BUTTERFLIES Your butterfly garden should be planted in the sunniest location in your garden. Butterflies need the warmth of the sun to raise their body temperatures. Be sure to include purple, pink, yellow, and white flowers in the garden as these colors attract butterflies. Supply food (host) plants for the […]

Decorating with a living Christmas Tree

LIVING CHRISTMAS TREE Family traditions are a big part of the holiday season.  Many families have created landscapes that are planted with evergreens from Christmas past.  Properly planned, a live tree can be decorated, enjoyed and eventually planted. Timing is important.  You need to prepare the planting site while the ground is still workable.  In […]

Dividing and Transplanting Perennials in the Fall

  DIVIDING & TRANSPLANTING PERENNIALS IN THE FALL It is time to divide a perennial plant when the center of the plant begins to look dead with no growth.  The blooms may also decline in the plant, not blooming as vigorously or with smaller flowers.  These are signs that the plant is ready to be […]