Venus Fly Traps



Venus Fly-Traps are one of the most remarkable plants in the world!  These plants are native to the marshes of North and South Carolina.  When discovered they were highly sought after and almost brought to extinction.  Now they are greenhouse grown to provide this curious plant to the general population.

Care of the Venus Fly-trap is pretty simple.  These plants will take care of themselves as far as feeding.  Did you know that a trap only requires a few insects a year?  As the plants mature their traps turn black.  Cut the black traps off and new traps will emerge in about 6 weeks.

Being a bog plant means that they need a lot of sunshine, distilled or rainwater, high humidity and poor, acidic soil/peat moss.  It is recommended to set your potted Venus Fly-trap in standing water or grow it in a terrarium.  If you plan to create a terrarium make sure to have an open top for good air circulation.  You will also need to check for watering fairly often.  Distilled or rain water is highly recommended.

Venus Fly-traps also need winter dormancy.  When winter arrives cut back all the leaves and set the bulb (corm) in a ziplock bag, do NOT seal the bag.  Place in the refrigerator for about 60 days.  When it is time to bring the plant out of dormancy repot in peat.  If you have potted a terrarium you could simply move the container to a cool basement or shed that will provide bright light and cool temps for the winter months.

Enjoy your new carnivorous plant!