Hypertufa 101

We just finished a hypertufa workshop on this rainy, autumn day. For those of you who would like to try your hands at simple pot crafting at home here are the basics…

Supplies: Mixing tub, Container for measuring, Peat moss, Portland cement, Perlite, Play sand, Gloves, Wine Cork, Containers for mold (a nesting pair that will leave a 1-2 inch gap between for the mixture, Olive oil or the like to coat your containers

Recipe: 2 parts portland cement, 3 parts peat moss, 2 parts play sand, 1 part perlite

Directions: Coat your container with oil, this will make the removal from your mold easier. Measure and mix dry ingredients. Add water until mixture holds its shape (similar to cookie dough). Place the cork inside the mold in the center bottom, this will be your drainage hole. Pack your mixture around the cork and cover the bottom. The thickness should be 1-2 inches for best support. Place the second smaller container inside and pack the cement in between the sides. Tap container to bond the hypertufa and avoid a crumbly texture. Wrap or cover container with plastic for one day to let harden. After 24 hours remove inside and outside containers and remove the cork. Rewrap with plastic for another two days and then remove again, let your container dry compeltely, this may take up to a week. Soak your container a couple times a week over the next month to leach out residual lye from the cement. The lye creates an acidic environment and your plants will not like that. After one month of soaking your container will be ready to plant!

Hypertufa is a great way to get creative and make some cool containers in your own style. There are a lot of ideas online to get you inspired. Some fun examples include using bubble wrap for texture, leaves for imprints, and adding rock or shells for design. Have fun and send us your hypertufa pics #wentworthgreenhouses. We love to see what our friends come up with!