Wentworth Grown Pansies and Violas

Pansy Bowls

The happy faces of the viola and pansy are beaming in the greenhouse sunshine! These cold weather blooms are ready to be planted in the garden or greet you at your doorstep. We do recommend acclimating them to the outdoor environment by bringing them inside at night for 4-6 days. When you harden them off it toughens up their leaves and stems and they will better withstand the rain and frost. Place your pansies and violas in full to part sun and remove spent flowers at the base of the stem to prevent seed pods from forming.

We are still open for regular business hours 8am-5pm daily. If you need assistance getting your spring supplies please give us a call at 603-743-4919 or email us at info@WentworthGreenhouses.com. We can help with curbside pick up or delivery.

Stay well and enjoy some spring color to lift your soul 🙂