Pot Marigold

What’s in a Name: The common name of Marigold is thought to refer to golden blooms worn by the Virgin Mary, but is given to flowers from several different scientific genres. The “Marigold” considered as October’s flower of the month is Calendula officinalis – with its genus name from the Latin for calendar. Calendula and Pot Marigold are also used as its common name – with pot referring to its use in the cooking pot.

History:  Calendula has been used for medicinal, cooking and fabric dyeing purposes, throughout the world, for centuries. In some cultures it is used to honor deities and in others to honor the dead or offer sympathy to their grieving loved ones.

Symbolism:  Warm or fierce, undying love; winning grace; protection; comfort; healing

Did You Know:

  • Calendula is still used in modern ointments to reduce swelling in insect bites, sprains, wounds and other skin irritations
  • Some ancients felt garlands of marigolds protected homes from evil when being strung at doorsteps
  • Other ancients believed consuming Calendula would allow you to see fairies
  • The flower heads follow the path of the sun, much like sunflowers
  • Calendula reseed themselves very easily, quickly filling a garden with their sunniness in a few summers

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