Fall Color

New, fresh trees and shrubs in stock for fall!

When we think of fall foliage color, the first thing that comes to mind is usually red maple, sugar maple, and red oak.  These trees turn vibrant colors of red, orange and yellow, and grow to 50′-60′ tall.  There are many trees and shrubs that offer stunning fall foliage displays, and we have many in stock now.  Some are landscape staples, while others are unique and interesting native plants that might not immediately come to mind when you think of fall.

Witch Hazel:  A tall, multi stemmed shrub with dark green leaves that turn bright gold in the fall.  An important native plant for pollinators due to its fall flowering.

Fothergilla:  Another native plant important for pollinators.  Grows slowly, to 4′-6′ tall and wide.  Leaves turn gold, orange, or red in the fall.

Deutzia:  A low growing shrub, around 2′ tall and 3′-4′ wide.  Covered by small white slowers in Spring.  It’s long slender leaves turn a rich red color in fall.