Cornstalks & Pumpkins, Oh My!

Take advantage of the autumn splendor and use what nature has provided to create a decorative display in your landscape this fall.  You can start out with some basics, such as pumpkins, straw bales and corn stalks to add warmth and festive fun to your outdoor living space.   Follow up by adding some color with assorted gourds or fall blooming beauties like mums and asters.    – See more >
Corn stalks can be used to add pizzazz your porch or patio.  They are a colorful and versatile compliment to any arrangement that will make for a fantastic fall display while keeping within your budget. Dried stalks also can be used in combination with twine, raffia or ribbon to dress up trellises, light posts or along the fence line.  While you’re at it, add rustic charm to your stalks with dried ornamental corn or acorns.
Straw bales can be used as a base to build upon as you arrange your display.  Use them as a backdrop to showcase your prize winning pumpkins. Stacking and arranging bales can give height and depth to your decorations.   Create a scarecrow with some of the straw and set him nearby to welcome your friends and family.    If you desire more function out of your straw bales, use them as seating for your next gathering.   You can cover them with burlap or blankets for added comfort and a personal, down home feel.
Gourds, pumpkins and mums are the classic go to for fall decorations.   Use different types and shapes to incorporate texture and color into your one of a kind design.   Placing one or many pumpkins or gourds in a planter is a quick and easy way to decorate in an instant.  Another simple and fun idea is to use a large, hollowed out pumpkin as a planter for your plants (Don’t forget a hole for drainage.) Depending on what theme you are going with, you can use paint to add a little bit more style.  Stencil intricate designs or create a welcome sign with multiple pumpkins.   For a more Halloween themed décor, try using glow in the dark paint to showcase your ghoulish gourds!