Make Way for Ducklings 3/12/17

8th Annual “Make Way for Duckings” Spring Event for the Center for Wildlife in Cape Neddick, Maine. Sunday, March 12th, 11-1pm, 2017 Wentworth Greenhouses, 141 Rollins Rd, Rollinsford, NH This has become one of the most popular annual events for the Cape Neddick Center for Wildlife and we are so happy to host them […]

Four-lined Plant Bug

We have seen a lot of the four-lined plant bug causing damage this spring.  Upon first look the damage resembles a disease.  The bugs are hard to spot because any movement causes them to scatter under the leaf and drop to the ground. Fortunately the damage they cause is mainly aesthetic, the plant looks unattractive but the pest […]

Dividing and Transplanting Perennials in the Fall

  DIVIDING & TRANSPLANTING PERENNIALS IN THE FALL It is time to divide a perennial plant when the center of the plant begins to look dead with no growth.  The blooms may also decline in the plant, not blooming as vigorously or with smaller flowers.  These are signs that the plant is ready to be […]