Exotic Plant Show

March 4th &  March 5th 2017

Journey to exotic lands during this fun filled weekend full of fantastic displays, beautiful and unique orchids, houseplants of all shapes and sizes, free seminars, and good food!

Ongoing Both Saturday & Sunday:

45 Market Street Bakery & Café

Locally made, fresh baked goods and lunch items available for purchase during the following times on Saturday 8:30-3:00 & Sunday 9:30-3:00

Orchid Repotting Station

Need some help repotting your orchid?  Let an expert walk you through the process and get your orchid repotted using only the best materials provided by Kelley’s Korner Orchid Supply.  Potting fee will be based on material used, expert hands are complimentary!

Maine Orchid Society

Formed in 1978, the mission of the Maine Orchid Society is to stimulate interest, provide education, encourage conservation and enable exchange of information among those interested in the culture of orchids in all of its aspects.  Learn more about the MEOS and chat with some orchid enthusiasts!


Dave Sackett President of the New England Carnivorous Plant Society

Dave has spent 18 years growing carnivorous plants!  Dave enjoys helping people learn to grow these amazing plants. Dave has two giant terrariums in his office that he tends to on a daily basis.  He maintains hundreds of exotic plants, mostly carnivorous, but also orchids, ant plants, fruit trees, etc. between his home and work without a greenhouse!  Come meet Dave to learn more about NECPS and ask him some questions about your own houseplants and carnivorous plants.

Seminar Schedule and Lecture Details posted below:

Saturday, March 4th 2017

9:00-3:00 – Wildlife Encounters – Derek Small, owner of Wildlife Encounters of Rochester, NH, will bring some of his exotic friends to visit with you for the day.  Learn about some of the creatures that coexist with the diverse plant groups on exhibit today, Caiman Lizard, Albino Burmese Python, Bennett’s Wallaby, and more!

Wildlife Encounters’ owner, Derek Small, and some staff are professional members of various zoological, wildlife and conservation entities and many have degrees in biology, wildlife ecology, sustainable agriculture, conservation and more! They believe that public education, and a resulting change in human and societal behaviors and practices, are key to the objective of living environmentally and personally responsible lives that will help conserve and protect global biodiversity.  Their philosophy, morality, conduct and messages focus on communicating the interdependent relationship between their three core mission components: Animals, People and Earth.


10:00 – Traveling Cactus and Succulent Show – Learn all about cactus and succulents with Glen Lord, filling in for Art Scarpa.  Glen Lord is the past President of the Cactus and Succulent Society of Mass.  Glen will teach you how to select the right plant for your home, proper care and fertilization, repotting tricks and tips, and how to get your cactus or succulent to bloom.  On display will be some of his prized specimens for you to admire!  Come visit, learn and get all your cactus and succulent questions answered.

Glen Lord has been growing cacti and succulents for 20 plus years, he is the past president of the Massachusetts Cactus and Succulent Society.  A lifelong plant enthusiast Glen has a broad interest in plants starting his roots growing up on a family farm to currently caring for one of the oldest bonsai collections in America.  Glen is also a judge at The Philadelphia and Boston Flower Shows as well as The Massachusetts Camellia Society annual show, which is the oldest of its kind in the US. 

1:00 – Fundamentals of Bonsai – Join Charlie Paraskevas, President of the North East Bonsai Association, and learn all about the art of bonsai.  Starting with the basic differences between indoor and outdoor bonsai, you will learn proper techniques for watering, fertilizing, and maintaining your bonsai.  Charlie will demonstrate pot preparation as well as repotting and, time permitting, field any questions you may have including more advanced topics of wiring and training.  Charlie will also be available from 11:00-12:00 to answer questions in our bonsai display and after his 1:00 lecture he will be available to help those interested in selecting a bonsai to repot, wire, and prune as needed.

Charlie has been the president of the North East Bonsai Association for the past 13 years. He was the events planner and then vice president for many years before that!  Charlie is also a long time flower building committee member (19 years) at the Topsfield fair where he organized and set up the bonsai displays and took care of the trees. He has attended many classes on the art of bonsai with numerous bonsai masters and attended the Ho Yoku School of Bonsai for about 7 years.  Charlie has taught college classes on bonsai at the Essex Technical institute and many classes for the NEBA, as well as doing numerous demos at the fair.

3:00 – Basic Care and Repotting of Orchids – Bob Cleveland, owner of Bob Cleveland Orchids, will guide you through plant selection, proper care and maintenance, repotting and mounting!  Growing orchids is nothing to be afraid of and Bob will prepare you with the information you need to successfully grow and bloom a beautiful orchid in your home.

Bob Cleveland, owner Bob Cleveland Orchids, Portland, Maine, Past President, Maine Orchid Society.


Sunday, March 5th  2017

11:00 – Knowing and Growing Gesneriads – the African Violet Family– Bob and Dee Stewart will be visiting from Stow, Mass to teach you all about Gesneriads!  This family of plants includes African Violets, Streptocarpus, Gloxinia, Chirita, Lipstick, Goldfish plants and more.  They will provide an overview of the groups of plants and growing information for each group.  Observe demos of repotting, propagating and pruning.  They will also showcase some really cool plants from their home collection, not to be missed!

Bob and Dee Stewart are both retired from the computer industry and now active members with The Gesneriad Society as well as their local chapter.  They stumbled upon the Gesneriad Society booth at the New England Spring Flower show back in about 1972 and have been growing gesneriads ever since! They graduated from a 2-foot light stand in their apartment bedroom to a basement full of light stands in their house to a 24′ x 30′ lean-to greenhouse along the back of the house. Bob and Dee are particularly interested in species rather than hybrids and especially in unusual species, but the truth is they grow a little bit of everything in the gesneriad world!

1:00 – Killer Plants, Growing and Propagating Carnivorous Plants in the Home – Dave Sackett, President of the New England Carnivorous Plant Society, will present on growing carnivorous plants in your home.  This talk is great for beginners!  Learn expert tips and specific growing requirements to successfully grow fly traps, pitcher plants, butterworts and sundews.  Dave will also demonstrate repotting and propagation.

Dave Sackett has spent 18 years growing carnivorous plants! He is a founding member of the volunteer group New England Carnivorous Plant Society and he is now the President.  Dave enjoys helping people learn to grow these amazing plants. Dave works as Corporate Controller for a high tech company and has two giant terrariums in his office that he tends to on a daily basis.  He maintains hundreds of exotic plants, mostly carnivorous, but also orchids, ant plants, fruit trees, etc. between his home and work without a greenhouse!

3:00 – Growing Paphiopedilum Orchids –Bob Cleveland, owner of Bob Cleveland Orchids, specializes in growing paphiopedilum.  Paphiopedilum is commonly known as the lady slipper orchid.  During this lecture and live demo Bob will guide you in general home culture, dividing and repotting.

Bob Cleveland, owner Bob Cleveland Orchids, Portland, Maine, Past President, Maine Orchid Society.

No sign up is necessary.  Free and Open to the Public!