Gardening Tips


Tips for successful gardening!

Fall Tips

  • For Your Lawn:
    Now’s the time to seed or reseed your lawn. Keep grass seed moist until germination occurs. Add weed-free straw or salt marsh hay to hold seed in place. Apply lawn fertilizer and add lime if necessary. A 50-lb. bag of lime will raise lawn pH about 0.5 point per 1,000 square feet.
  • For Your Vegetable Garden:
    Feed your compost pile with lawn trimmings and shredded brown leaf, alternating layers. Add an activator to speed up decomposition. Harvest any late-summer vegetables that are ripe. Even with cooler weather approaching, there’s still many vegetables you can plant now: garlic, broccoli, cabbage, lettuce, kale, Swiss chard, Brussels sprouts and cauliflower all do well in cool temperatures.
  • For Your Flower Beds:
    Now is a good time to begin planning your Spring garden. Plant perennials and spring-flowering bulbs in the Fall, and be sure to fertilize and water in well. Plant fall pansy and flowering cabbage and kale in window boxes, containers, and garden beds. You can also sow pansy and viola seed in garden for bloom next spring.
  • For Your Trees and Shrubs:

    Fall is a great time to transplant new trees and shrubs because they won’t suffer in sweltering hot temperatures. Continue mulchinhg and watering previously planted trees and shrubs to ensure their healthy growth. You can feed your shrubs and trees with an appropriate fertilizer, and also it is a good idea to apply an anti-desiccant to broadleaf evergreens and specimen conifers while temperatures are still above 50 degrees.

Fall is the perfect time for Container Gardening! Check out this great soil to use for your containers:


At Wentworth Greenhouses you can count on our knowledgeable staff for solutions to your gardening questions. We thought it might be helpful to pass along some ideas on common challenges faced in the garden:

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