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Spring Garden Design

Spring Garden Design

At last we have warmer days and the sunshine will soon be here.

It’ll soon be time to enjoy the great outdoors again. Entertain with friends and family or just to relax, soak up the sun and lose yourself in the garden’s comforting surroundings of heady scent and perpetual flowering borders.

Now is the perfect time to start realizing your dreams for that perfect garden and it needn’t be a daunting task.

James has designed all styles of gardens; country gardens, wildlife and organic themed gardens, outdoor kitchens and a whole manner of entertaining areas, some with wooden structures and lighting too. 

All of James designs reflect his vast experience, individuality, creativity and passion in design.

The whole design process is made easy and enjoyable and he’s available to discuss this with you further.

To discuss your requirements either call in and say hello or contact him below to arrange an appointment.  

  Consultations cost $75 for one hour.

  *Please note, if James’ services are engaged with the design and planning of your garden you will not be charged a consultation fee.

603 970 0201

Further information and to view his portfolio please visit

Holiday Decorating

James Brewer Garden Designs

As the gardening season comes to an end it is the perfect time to plan the garden and landscape of your dreams.  Fall is the perfect time of year to schedule an onsite landscape consultation.  Why you ask?

Ability to survey before snow covers your garden
All winter to design and refine plans
Completed designs will be ready for spring planting

The consultation offers a 1 hour in depth discussion with James Brewer at your home, to view the garden and gain a sense of what you’re looking to achieve, including the wants, needs, style, function, inspiration and functionality of your individual garden.  Consultations cost $75 for one hour.  *Please note that if services are engaged with the design and planning of your garden you will not be charged this consultation fee.

James Brewer of James Brewer Garden Designs is here to help bring your visions to a reality.  James offers 20 years of experience in designing contemporary and traditional gardens to suit all budgets.  Please visit to read James’ bio and make your dream garden a reality!

Call or stop in today to meet James and schedule a consultation!


Berries, Brambles and Grapes 3/20/16

Brambles, Berries & Grapes
Want to grow some fresh fruit! Julie is here to help. This class will guide you in selection, planting, maintenance, pruning and harvest. Bring your questions!

Sunday 11am-12pm March 20, 2016